4x8 Legacy Mallory In stock

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4x8 Legacy Mallory In stock
$ 3,800.00 CAD
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Product Description:

8' Legacy Mallory in Onyx In Stock on Display

A true solid wood table from the Sterling Series

Graceful, traditional style combines an arched cabinet with hand
carved legs.

Steerling Series Features

  • Durable construction.
  • Made from solid hardwoods
  • 1 1/4" routered, hardwood cabinet
  • Patented Perfect Corner construction
  • High-torque t-nut fasteners
  • 5” wide Top Rail
  • Three-piece 1" backed slate
  • Diamond pearl sights
  • Lifetime warranty

Perfect Drawer available to add to this table


Standard Accessory Kit included

  • Choice of cloth colour (27 options)

           Championship Teflon Invitational Cloth

  • Delivery and set up Available