4x8 Legacy Rylee In stock

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4x8 Legacy Rylee In stock
$ 3,800.00 CAD
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Product Description:

8' Legacy Rylee and Ryan in Black Cherry In Stock on Display

Perfect Drawer available to add to this table

Graceful, traditional style combines an arched cabinet with hand carved ball and claw legs.

Classic Series Features

  • Durable construction.
  • Made from solid hardwoods
  • 1 1/4"  hardwood cabinet with routered design
  • Patented Perfect Corner construction
  • High-torque t-nut fasteners
  • 5” wide Top Rail
  • Three-piece 1" backed slate
  • Diamond pearl sights
  • Lifetime warranty


Standard Accessory Kit included

  • Choice of cloth colour (27 options)

          Championship Teflon Invitational Cloth

  • Delivery and set up Available