Cue Accessories

Pool cue tip repair video

Repairing a Cue tip is not difficult.

Need to know the size (13mm most common for Pool Cues)

                                      (10mm most common for Snooker cues)

Only 2 kinds of glue work -Tweetens Cement (We sell)

                                         or 5 minute Epoxy (mixed from a double tube) $ Store or hardware store.

Block of wood 100-120 Grit sand paper

Elastic, Electrical tape.

Preparation is the key
Sand top of cue and bottom of tip Flat and Porous.
Never re-use a used tip will, likely never stay on the second time.

Watch the video Short and easy

Large variety of cue chalker, chalk holder, shaper's, tips, glue, clamps, repair kits