The store is open bye Appointment only, This time of year

If we are home, We can be open

Call or Text for a Appointment or to see if we are here.

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All Prices are subject to change confirm pricing with the store.

  • Used Tables: We find good quality slate tables that we would purchase our selves, Make sure Rubber works well and will last for years, Look at the cloth pliability, along with the cues.

Then we simply put customers together.

  • Have you been looking on line for a used table and unsure of what to buy? Look at our FAQ (on home page or click on) frequently ask questions.
  • Give us a call. We can help you find the right table and then we can move it, set it up, put new cloth on it, or find the accessories you don't have. What ever your needs are big or small 30 years of experience can't hurt to have on your side.
  • Tired of dirty balls, we now offer ball washing and polishing. Make the old look new again. Give us a call or stop in.
  • Moving service for all billiard tables. Includes taking apart, moving and setting back up or building crates for a mover to move it.
  • Setup of Pool, snooker or Billiard tables.
  • This service includes a professional mechanic setting up your table to help you get most playable table possible.
  • Re-clothing of used billiard tables. Choose from 28 different colours for your billiard table and have our experienced professionals install your cloth. Specializing in Championship, Invitational Teflon and Worsted Tour Edition. Also offering the best Snooker and Worsted felts available.
  • Rubber replacement for both Pool and Snooker tables
  • Dismantling and crating slate for long distance shipping. Let our experts professionally pack your slate to make sure your slate arrives in the same condition it left in.
  • Used table appraisals.
  • Flood and fire insurance work

We can't be 2 place at once so we are open bye appointment only this time of year.

If we are home we can be open. For more information call 519-332-8112

Cell 519-383-4662