Jett Dart Mat

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Jett Dart Mat
$ 99.00 CAD
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Product Description:

We offer 2 styles in stock

  • eco-friendly recycled rubber
  • Loop carpet style

Printed with international throw lines

  • The rubber one is an economical choice to protect floors and will prolong life of your dart points.
  • Nice and thick at 3mm and has a granular texture
  • that gives a good tacky feel so it doesn't slide around on the floor easily
  • Excellent foot traction.
  • Both roll away for easy storage if needed
  • Has 2 toe lines:
  • 7 feet 9 1/4 inches for steel tips
  • 8 feet, for soft tip darts.
  • Dimensions: 24'' W x 9' 10'' L
  • The Jett Carpet Dart Mat
  • The high quality, heavy duty mat offers throw lines for both steel and soft tip play.
  • The carpet also features a rubber back to keep it in place.
  • Easy roll out design can be setup in seconds and easily stored.
  • 24'' W x 10'' L X 10" H
  • Bull, triple and double sight line markers make it easier for you to target the lines you need to hit.
  • Dimensions: 65 cm x 300cm (25 1/2'' x 118'').
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